How Healthy Working MOVE works

There are versions for elementary school children, middle and high school children and another for colleges and universities. All three courses use language and presentation styles appropriate to the respective age groups. The elementary version features the story of siblings Grace and Jack, and their friend Raj. By following the story and advice on interactive pages, participating children will learn about the correct use of technology and how not following the guidance can lead to discomfort and pain.

The programs for the older children are more grown up, presenting Healthy Working advice and exercises but swapping examples from the adult workplace with scenarios from the lives of young people. These include gaming and doing homework using technology in different parts of the house.

All three versions use short multiple-choice quizzes to reinforce points and check learning. The emphasis is on fun. Healthy Working MOVE uses appealing illustrations, designs and humor to ensure student engagement.

All three courses are supported by an eBook for teachers and parents. The eBook provides background information about the problems facing children and gives practical solutions to help improve their health. It is available online and can be downloaded as a pdf. No data is collected by Healthy Working MOVE. All activity is secure and anonymous.

Cardinus has developed Healthy Working MOVE with contributions from pediatric physical therapists and ergonomists.

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